Questionnaires from Tohoku Tour
I visited Morioka, Sendai, and Yamagata last week.
I got many thoughts below on my lecture:
- I participated in your seminar because I wanted to do the job I want. I got many hints from you of how what I want to do can be profitable for others as well. I would like to carry on.
- I thought I want to make an effort to develop my company’s merit and my merit.
- I would like to make credo not to sell myself out. Also, I got new perspective on the handicapped.
- I would like to rethink how I can convey things in a way that’s easy to understand.
- I was started at the fact that I cannot introduce myself with full of dreams. I would like to find the answer for this question.
- I would like to make my branding image utilizing credo.
- Since I was struggled to change the atmosphere in company and change it to company with positive attitude, so your lecture was very suggestive. Thank you very much.
- You told me the real meaning of leadership. Thank you for your lecture, from your lecture I learned importance of connection with others and the way to be the person who is influential to others in a positive way.
- Your lecture was very fun and insightful. I strongly think I would like to establish my company’s brand. I will utilize the 4 points for brand making. Thank you!
- I would like to carry out “making my brand” not to only think. “What you gain from study is not answer, but the question.” I would like to think a lot in this year.
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